Tooth Replacement

At Manchego Dental, we understand that not all teeth are created equal and for complex and varying reasons, teeth end up missing.  We can help you claim the confidence, comfort, and smile back that a full set of teeth gives through our menu of tooth replacement options.   With the end goal in mind, our caring and compassionate dentist will first work at understanding the patient’s situation and expectations, before drawing a clear and realistic path towards the end goal.  Whether it is a full-blown specialist case or in-house case, our team will follow through each part of the treatment sequence and will make every effort to communicate all components for each treatment recommended.

Our Tooth Replacement services include:

  • Implants: The current scientific evidence points to the dental implant as the best treatment option to replace a missing tooth. Only two-stage implant placement is currently provided at Manchego Dental.  After completing a thorough assessment of the missing tooth area and determining an implant and crown are a viable replacement option, a formal treatment design and plan are completed and agreed with the patient.  The treatment we provide follows a two-stage method, which is considered one of the most reliable methods in dental implantology.  On the first stage, the implant is placed in the jawbone using a surgical guide and left fully covered by soft tissue (gum) to osseointegrate (heal).  The second stage occurs at 4-6 months from placement and involves exposing the implant and placing a healing abutment, making the implant ready for an abutment and crown.
  • Dental Bridge: Once considered the gold standard to replace a missing tooth, the dental bridge now holds a second-best category. However, due to its faster processing time, excellent aesthetics, and minimal surgical approach than an implant, the dental bridge is still a viable tooth replacement option for patients who may prefer minimal or no surgery or who may have a medical contraindication to implant surgery.  The procedure follows the same timeline and protocol as a single crown procedure.  The main difference is that two or more teeth are prepared as retainers for the dental bridge.

  • Full Dentures and Partial Dentures: These are the only removable options available for replacing teeth and are the most popular option.  These are also called “dental plates” or “fake teeth.”  A full denture is used when all teeth are missing in an arch.  It sits fully on your gum and bone for retention and support but can also seat on implants, for maximum retention and support.  A typical full denture is made of a strong, firm plastic material. A partial denture is used when only a few teeth are missing on an arch.  There are design and material variants in partial dentures.  They can be made of metal or plastic.  Typically, these procedures take a sequence of steps to complete.

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